• Hinge maintenance | Make your home life smoother


    Hinge is a very important component in home decoration. If the hinge of the door cabinet does not open smoothly, it will directly affect the comfort and service life of the cabinet door. Therefore, doing a good job in hinge maintenance can make your home life smoother.

    Hinge maintenance tips

    Doing so can bring a new look

    1. Lubrication tips

    Regularly applying lubricant to the hinge can reduce friction and wear, and extend the service life of the hinge.

    2. Drying is the key, cleanliness without dead corners

    The surface of the hinge should be kept dry. If it must be used in a damp environment, pay attention to strengthening the ventilation frequency and regularly wipe the hinge surface with a soft cloth. At the same time, if seasoning such as soy sauce and vinegar, as well as chemical agents such as soda and bleach are found on the surface of the hinge, they should be promptly wiped dry with a clean soft cloth, or an appropriate amount of neutral detergent should be used to assist in cleaning. Do not use acidic or alkaline detergents.

    3. Avoid violent behavior

    During use, it is strictly prohibited to hit or scratch the surface of the hinge with hard objects or sharp tools, as this can easily cause damage to the hinge or even detachment of the nickel plated surface of the hinge.

    4. Check the tightness

    Regularly check the tightness of the hinge, and if any loose screws, uneven or detached door panels are found, they should be tightened or adjusted in a timely manner. Prevent unsmooth opening and closing due to loose hinges.

    5. Regular maintenance is essential

    In addition to daily maintenance, it is recommended to regularly maintain the hinges every 2-3 months. During maintenance, it is possible to check whether the coating on the hinge surface is intact, whether the screws are tightened, and whether the lubricant is sufficient.

    Adequate maintenance of the hinge can extend the service life of the cabinet door, ensure its normal use, allow the door panel to move freely, rejuvenate, and enhance comfort for your home life.
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