• Adams MK02 series slide rails, suitable for whole house use, with a more diverse push pull experience


    Optimize structure and enhance load-bearing capacity
    Excellent material combination, upgraded ball and roller design

    By upgrading the arrangement of balls and rollers, using a combination of plastic and steel, and lengthening the length of the rollers, the drawer, no matter how deep and heavy it is, does not tilt or feel heavy falling within the load-bearing range of the slide.

    Strong load-bearing ability, smooth pushing and pulling
    Super strong load of 30kg, not loose or deformed

    This slide rail has a strong load-bearing capacity of up to 30KG, making it easy to handle conventional items. It can be used under long-term heavy pressure without loosening or deformation, and is smooth and durable.

    Silent opening and closing, gentle pulling
    Spring structure upgrade

    Strengthen the opening and closing spring structure, reduce the variation of spring force, and make it easy and flexible to pull out. The idle force is sufficient, making the drawer move freely and safely.

    Innovative T-shaped structure, not easy to sink
    No shaking, no shaking, smooth pushing and drawing

    Adopting an innovative T-shaped design concept, the rolling surface is extruded in one go to improve the anti deformation strength of the entire slide rail. The surface of the slide rail is flat and smooth, with a thick structure that is not easy to sink. The multi-dimensional guidance performance of the rolling ball ensures that the product has a small push pull swing amplitude.

    True noise reduction, stable opening and closing
    Damping component decoupling design

    The slide rail adopts a damping component decoupling design, reducing impact force, achieving a gentle closure and ensuring quiet movement, bringing you a lightweight and comfortable experience.

    High quality galvanized steel plate process
    Greatly improves antioxidant and corrosion resistance

    The surface of the slide rail is not easily scratched or rusted, lasting as new. After 48 hours of salt spray testing, it has strong corrosion resistance.

    Versatile drawers for easy installation
    Comprehensively improving efficiency, saving time and effort

    The slide rail comes with a pin device, which allows your drawer to freely separate with a gentle push, effectively improving installation efficiency.

    Multiple specifications, suitable for multiple scenarios
    Wide installation fault tolerance range

    The fixed rail hole position is scientifically designed with a 32 spacing hole arrangement, taking into account all installation parameters in the market and accommodating errors during installation.

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