• Renewed Sailing | Adams Sichuan Branch Opening Ceremony Successfully Completed


    On October 17, 2023, the opening ceremony of Adams Sichuan Branch was grandly held at Zhongchuan Commercial City in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. Mr. Ye Zubang, General Manager of Adams, led members of the headquarters, leaders of the Sichuan branch, partners, and friends from all walks of life to attend the celebration and witness the new version of Adams' career.

    At the opening ribbon cutting ceremony, Adams General Manager Ye Zubang, Marketing Director Liao Shaowen, and Sichuan Branch General Manager Fu Shiqi jointly cut the ribbon for the opening of the Sichuan branch, marking the official opening of a new chapter for the Sichuan branch.

    Under the witness of numerous industry experts, the exhibition hall of Adams Sichuan branch has unveiled a mysterious veil. In terms of functionality, the exhibition hall is mainly divided into a hinge experience area, a slide experience area, and an honor and qualification exhibition area. In terms of design, it integrates fashionable, simple, and elegant styles to create a comprehensive immersive experience.

    At present, the products covered in the exhibition hall include the full range of Adams hinges, ball slide series, hidden slide series, pneumatic support rod series, and other series. The bright star products showcase Adams' adherence to advanced Italian technology and excellent taste, creating a fashionable and joyful atmosphere for visitors.

    Adams Star Products

    01. Adams G01 straight hinge

    This year's innovative masterpiece, with its cool and minimalist appearance, hidden one word base, and the advantages of no punching for quick installation and quick disassembly, is highly popular in the market.

    02. Adams MA 2-section fully pulled out hidden slide rail

    The Adams two section full pull out hidden slide rail has the basic function of three sections of slide rail, with high cabinet size compatibility, smooth and silent push pull, and cost-effective leverage.

    03. Adams thick side plate hinge

    The 35 cup full cover thick door design has strong versatility, and the 9.5mm large oil cylinder opening and closing door is more stable. It is made of high-quality materials with thicker thickness, and the overall stress is greater, making it the "guardian angel" of cabinet doors.

    Looking forward to the future, Adams Sichuan Branch will continue to take providing customized hardware solutions to customers as its responsibility, continuously expanding into greater development space, deeply cultivating the market in the western China region with a new attitude, improving service levels, and injecting new impetus into the company's development. Finally, in this era full of hope and challenges, let's look forward to the brilliant future of Adams Sichuan Branch together.

     ■Adams Sichuan Branch ■ 

    -Store Address-
    No. 126, Unit 9, Building 1, North Zone, Zhongchuan Commercial City, Wanquan Road, Jiujiang Street, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

    Welcome people from all walks of life to exchange and cooperate
    Adams team is dedicated to serving you

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