About Me

Hey! I’m Robert Damico from Lake Shore and I want to tell my story. When I turned 34, I understood that things surrounding me are marvellous and I want to spend more time with the nature. I had to admit that during many years I didn’t notice the beauty of the nature, so there were so many things to explore in the world!

I started to enjoy every moment spent in the nature’s lap and it inspired me to start blogging. Lakes are my biggest obsession and I like to live near them for some time to completely feel their power. In my opinion, outdoor recreation is what everybody needs to brighten mind, have a great rest, and forget about everyday routine.

The mission of my blog is to tell about the best places near lakes that are perfectly arranged for outdoor activities. In addition to this, I believe that excursions are a good way to find out more about interesting places, so I often go on them and tell about these stories here. Don’t put it off until tomorrow and start admiring the nature with me right now!