How Much Does a House Cleaning Cost?

House cleaning is a very important aspect of how your home looks overall. Keeping your rooms in check and organizing your things is critical because it reflects your overall personality as well. People who tend to keep their houses clean are usually very organized in nature and are also very result-oriented. Studies have shown that clean rooms and organized homes are important for stable mental and physical health. However, there are many instances when you are not available to clean your house. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to go for professional help and contact companies that offer house cleaning services. House cleaning services are usually very effective and efficient and also help in maintaining the overall look and feel of the house as a whole. For instance, you can be sitting in one part of the USA and attain the services of modern maids in San Antonio after just a click of a button. Indeed, technology has made a lot of things very convenient and house cleaning is one of them. But does this mean that are such services reliable and inexpensive?

How much does house cleaning cost?

House cleaning is something that varies in terms of the money that is charged by the users. Usually, different amounts are charged for different services since house cleaning is not as simple and as straightforward as it seems. An example of this is that house cleaning also has deep and regular cleaning options, which are charged differently. Deep cleaning requires greater attention to detail and, of course, means that more time and effort is required from the cleaners’ end. Hence, deep cleaning although very effective is relatively more expensive than regular services. Regular services may include washing, cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the look of the overall space generally. Since such a service is usually very basic, it is charged accordingly, meaning that regular services cost less than the deep cleaning one.

Estimated charges for regular house cleaning?

Standard and regular house cleaning usually takes about $25 to $50 per hour per cleaner. The total price however may vary in terms of the size of the home as well as the type of cleaning being offered. In reality, the primary determinant of the last charges is the company from which the house cleaners are hired. Standard charges may be constant for all companies, however, additional services like laundry, window cleaning as well as move out or any event clean up will obviously add to the overall cost. Small homes are usually charged $100 – $110 for standard cleaning. Medium-sized homes are usually charged $150 – $160. Larger houses can go up to $200 in case of regular cleaning.

Estimated charges for deep cleaning

Deep cleaning differs greatly from regular house cleaning. Deep cleaning usually costs around $125 – $150 for small houses, $150 – $175 for medium-sized houses, whereas larger houses could cost more than $250 for deep-cleaning services.

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