What Airport in Melbourne Is Closest to the City?

Victoria is one of the states of Australia and Melbourne is the largest city within the state as well as the capital. Melbourne is constantly rated as one of the best cities in the world to live in. Melbourne is also one of the most important cities in Australia and has several historical and recreational sites. Due to that, it attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year. Airports around Melbourne are its important transport infrastructure. 

These are the four airports which offer regular flights to and from the city of Melbourne:

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne airport is situated in Tullamarine, which is why it is also known as the Tullamarine airport. It is in the north-west of the city and is the airport with the most passenger traffic. The airport serves domestic as well as international flights. The domestic flights go to each state and territory of Australia while the international flights are connected to Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, and South America. Melbourne Airport plays a base role for Qantas and Virgin Australia airlines. If you are planning to visit this airport by car make sure to check the Melbourne airport parking fee prior to your visit.

Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport is situated to the south-west of the city and right outside the city of Geelong. Avalon Airport is the next most used airport after Melbourne Airport where airlines like Jet Star Airways and AirAsia serve regularly.

Essendon Airport

The Essendon Airport is to the north-west of the city and used to be the primary airport for the flights of Melbourne. However, after the inauguration of the previous two airports, the Essendon airport became less used for passenger flights and more used for aviation and cargo flights.

Moorabbin Airport

The Moorabbin Airport is in the southern suburbs of the city and works the same as Essendon Airport. It is less used for passenger flights and more for aviation in the city.

Melbourne has four main airports that serve the city with both local and international flights. Now we shall compare these airports in order to determine which ones are closer to your destination as well as other top city sites.

Melbourne Airport serves as the main airport in Australia, catering to local and international flights. Next comes the Moorabbin Airport which is situated in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. It also handles local and international flights but only ones with light aircraft. Both of these airports are closer to the center of the city. However, Melbourne Airport has several modes of public transport that are available to passengers to reach the city center. These transportation modes include the CityBus, Taxi, car hire, and Uber. On the other hand, Avalon Airport is on a long distance from the city and is farthest from the city center. However, it has a greater public transport infrastructure which connects passengers to the city center as well as other airports.


Therefore, now that you have all the information, you can easily make an informed decision regarding your trip.

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