Why Use Old Town Trolley Tours in Key West

The Old Town Trolley Tour is a one of a kind tour with a duration of one and a half hour or 90 minutes. The catch of the tour is that it is completely narrated and has 13 different stops. Other perks of the service include free re-boarding and an all-day pass. This means that the tour can go on for as long as you want. You can also order a package of three tours: Old Town Trolley, Key West Lighthouse, and Fort East Martello.

If you purchase the ticket for the event in advance, make sure you use them within six months of the purchase date since they can expire after that. The tours are specifically done in English.

Key West Trolley Tours

Out of the thirteen different stops, you can begin your tour at any one of them.

The trolleys of the tour keep passing by after an interval of 30 minutes, however, this time can vary in the case if the traffic is high. As per the demand or the time of the tour, more trolleys are put on the track if the number of passengers increases.

The peak time of tours is during the summer holidays when the number of tourists goes high up. During this time, every trolley may not have available seats. However, you do not have to worry if you don’t find a seat in a trolley since another vacant trolley will be directly sent to your stop within the next fifteen minutes. The in-field dispatchers handle these operations.

Once you make up your mind about taking a Key West Tour, visit the Key West Tickets site in order to book your tour. You may also want to enquire the CAST members about cost-saving packages which you can avail in order to save expenses.

The tour you take at the end of the day is dependent upon where you start. You can access this information as well in the schedule section of the Key West Trolley Tour website.

If you come to take the tour from a great distance, the thought of parking your car on a 2 by 4-mile island may appear difficult. However, it may relieve you to find out that the tour stops are on convenient locations throughout the island. This means that you can park your car anywhere and can just walk to the major hotels and other attractions.

If you have a baby with you in a stroller, it is recommended that you fold the stroller and store it in the trolley. Having a stroller in the aisle of the trolley can possibly lead to a safety hazard for the baby as well as other passengers.

If you have ambulatory guests with you, a portable wheelchair can be allotted at any given time. However, it is necessary that you provide us with this information beforehand.


Therefore, now that you know all about the Key West Trolley Tours, you can easily plan your trip and make an informed decision.

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