What Is Reflective White Paint?

Reflective white paint means white paint that has been mixed with reflective crystals. These crystals are responsible for reflecting the light that bounces on the surface of the item painted white. Most interior designers like to paint the interior house décor white. White is a sophisticated color that gives the room the right ambiance and harmony. The reflective white color is the most visible paint under different light conditions, especially during low light.

It can be applied either in the interior or on the exterior of the house. Most developers prefer reflective paint on the roof or the outside wall. So that it’s reflective ability can help cool down the home during summer. Why do people apply reflective white in the interior house décor?

White will offset other colors

Reflective white will always create harmony between colors in the room, no matter the color of the furniture or paintings you have. Especially if you have pictures on the wall, painting the walls white will make the paintings the focal point of the wall. Reflective white will help get rid of color clashes between the wall and the furniture. Also, you will have to use a dim bulb, as the interior walls will be reflecting the light in the room. In the morning, when the sun’s rays hit the place. The reflective paint on the walls will reflect the light leading to a brighter room.

How to make reflective white paint yourself

Now that we know why most people prefer a reflective white color in the interior home décor, it is imperative for you to understand how to make your reflective white paint. As said earlier, the only difference is that the reflective crystals are added to the white paint. Here are some of the ways that you can prepare your reflective paint at home.

Purchase crystals and white paint

These crystals are usually made from plastic, which has reflective coatings or materials. You can alternatively use micro glass beads, and they can also reflect light when used in white paint. You need to get the size well. If small dimensions of the crystals are used, they ensure that the reflective crystals disperse very efficiently inside the white paint. This will minimize the chances of the glasses showing up on the painted surface when the paint has dried up.

Here is how to make the mixture. Purchase a gallon of white paint and a quarter gallon of these crystals. This is the ratio of the color to the reflective glasses. These materials are available locally at your hardware store. If you want the paint to be less reflective, you can alter the ratio of the reflective crystals to suit your preference.

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You can alternatively use glitter in the place of reflective crystals and they serve the same purpose in reflective white paint. The ration will be 1:1, one gallon of glitter to one gallon of white paint. Reflective white color makes the house visible even in dim light conditions, and it saves you money in two areas. One is the lighting, during the day, there is no need for additional lighting as the reflective white paint makes the room bright enough. Two, no need for air conditioning. The sun’s rays are bounced off in the exterior, leading to low temperatures in the interior.

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